Snow~~No Snow

Pam uploaded a neat graphic of snow and told us it is snowing now in South Carolina. Well, this is my wishful-thinking blog...I wish it was snowing here in Texas. I do actually remember a Thanksgiving when it did so many years ago. Bu the forecast it for sunny weather this week...highs near 80!

So, I would snow...LET IT SNOW!!!


Lisa said…
Hehehe I hope it snows just for you.
Sue said…
Hope your Thanksgiving is wonderful, even if you don't get snow!
Isn't it odd to think it's still that warm at this time of year?...we don't get snow either...I wish we would, just from Thanksgiving to New Years. it would make the season seem more, well, seasonal. lol!
Ah well, still have a Happy Thanksgiving.
tinker said…
I don't know which part of Texas you're in Sioux, but when we lived in North Central Texas, it snowed a blizzard, both winters we were there (a little over 20 years ago). So maybe you'll get your wish!

Hope you have a happy Thanksgiving!

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