McAnallys in the Arlington Cemetery, Maury Co. TN

My cousin, John Casall, sent this. For all you McAnallys out there who might be interested.


McAnally, Ada King, 21 Sep 1910 - 5 Sep 1969 (wife of John Herman McAnally; daughter of Robert King and Betty Tripp) Section G
McAnally, Frances Louise Beckenbach, 6 Jul 1917 - 2 Jan 1998 (wife of Walter Farris McAnally; daughter of W. Beckenbach and Nancy Cummings)
McAnally, John Herman, 11 Jul 1914 - 10 Jul 1990 (husband of Ada King; son of Walter Scott McAnally and Lula Mae Bell) Section G
McAnally, Lula Mae Bell, 25 Jul 1883 - 5 Nov 1948 (wife of Walter Scott McAnally; daughter of Willis George Bell and Leona Neeley)
McAnally, Mattie Aline Boshears, 1909 - 14 Sep 1936 (wife of Walter Farris McAnally; daughter of John Henry Boshears and Hattie B. Boshears) Section A
McAnally, Walter Farris, 25 Mar 1904 - 18 Feb 1977 (son of Walter McAnally and Lula Mae Bell; married 1st to Mattie Aline Boshears and 2nd to Frances Louise Beckenbach)
McAnally, Walter Scott, 8 Oct 1874 - 26 May 1967 (husband of Lula Mae Bell; son of Gibson Taylor McAnally and Emily Ann Morgan)
HENDRIX, Marcus Allen Hendrix, 18 Sep 1915 - 25 Apr 1995, son of John Harvey Hendrix and
Katherine McClain, was born in Lewis County, Tennessee and died in Mt. Pleasant, Maury County, Tennessee.
Marcus was a very respected man in Mt. Pleasant, serving as a commissioner for many years.
HENDRIX, Nina Maude McAnally, 2 Jul 1919 - daughter of Banner McAnally and Hattie Harris. She was
born 2 July 1919. Married: 22 Jun 1936 Maury Co., Tenn
Lowe, Clifford Hoff, 24 Feb 1875 - 17 Dec 1971 (husband of Florence Ruth McAnally)
Lowe, Florence Ruth McAnally, 26 Oct 1908 - 1 Feb 1992 (wife of Clifford Hoff Lowe; daughter of Walter Scott McAnally and Lula Mae Bell)


markusallen89 said…
My name is Mark Allen Hendrix, I am the grandson to Marcus Allen Hendrix. I would like to thank you are your cousin for these words about my grandfather, and the rest of my family. Whomever spoke of my grandfather as "respected" was correct, and their words are greatly appreciated. Thank you again.

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