Well, we're off (guess you knew that :>) )

This morning we are leaving for South Padre Island, Texas, to visit Bob and Guni Berry. SHHHHHH...it's Bob's 60th birthday, so he doesn't know we are coming. We'll get there on Thursday and visit some wildlife sanctuaries on Friday and Saturday...then go to the Berry's home about 4pm on Saturday for the party. We'll stay through Sunday to visit.

THEN we will head to Wimberley, Texas, in the Hill Country...will visit some family and friends and on the 13th TX-7 rmmga guitar gathering will begin.

We will be back in M-Dub, as the kids now call it, on the 16th. At that point I will do blood tests, see my family physician, Dr. Singh, and go the Carter Blood Bank to give my blood for my hip replacement surgery which will be in early November.

Along the way, I will be posting photos and art of our trip. So....boys and girls, keep coming back to the latests enstallment of "Our Fall Trip".


Lin said…
Kai said…
Bon Voyageeee...that so prettie!!
PEace, Kai
Michelle said…
Have fun! The beach and then Wimberly--does it get any better? :-)

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