Shall We Dance?

My entry for "Shall We Dance?" from ARTitude Zine was published on their website (see link in title). I had forgotten about it until this issue, Autumn 2006, arrived.

I can highly recommend this zine as one of the best mixed media sources around. Suz really knows how to round up some of the best mixed media artists around.

You can subscribe here: ARTitude Zine , and receive either a year subscription or purchase a whole set of the zines thus far published. You won't regret it.

Suz also encourages artists to submit their art, and she has an art challenge each season. The next challenge is "A Forest Walk". The object will be trees, bark, and twigs. Artwork must be received by November 10, 2006. Check out the guidelines for submission on the website.


Teri C said…
Wow Sioux, this is gorgeous!!! And intriguing. Great title.
Lin said…
AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Pam Aries said…
Hi Sioux! I was thinking about you! and there you were on my blog! Yeah, i am really into the Greyhound Rescue! THey are wonderful animals! Very calm,cool, and collected! They can run 40 mph! I love your art! I also like Artitude, need to subscribe! Artizine is great as well! Glad you are doing well!
Kai said…
Those are terrific!! Talent, talent, talent Ms sioux!!
PEace n hugs, Kai.
Gorgeous. I thought I saw your name when I was reading (ok, devouring) ClothPaperScissors. It's fun looking at the magazines and seeing folks I know. :)
tinker said…
Sioux, that is just beautiful - I love the colors and images, everything, really.
giggles said…
Beautiful combination of it! Such a feminine piece, the fairies almost float off the page! Wonderful image!

Peace and giggles
Rachel Murphree said…
Sioux -- this is a cool collage! love it. Thanks for keeping track of my blog and your comments. I'm thinking heaps of good thoughts for you on your upcoming surgery! all the best to you...and speedy recovery. You'll have to let me know how you like the online WC class. She seems like a neat person, and should be a good teacher. Very sharing with her knowledge on the watercolorworkshop group. Are you on that yahoo group? Hugs, Rachel
p.s. congrats on being published in their zine!

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