A Very Nice Evening

How nice it was to see my cousins, John and Mary Poe. Raf and I met them at the Cracker Barrel in Weatherford and had a wonderful meal and conversation. It was so good to visit with them and to hear about their boys, Calen and Thomas.

John and I are first cousins. His mother, Lois Ficke Poe, and my father, John McBee Ficke, were brother and sister. Our grandparents has 7 daughters and 1 son. Those 8 children had only 8 children! I am next to the oldest cousin, and John is the youngest. There are 13 years difference in our ages. He is a wonderful cousin married to a a caring, loving woman. Thank you, God, for family!


Kai said…
your family is wonderful..Im glad you get a chance to visit and share time with them sioux.
Peace, Kai. :)

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