Thursday - TX-7 Begins

Today was another beautiful day. Showers were forcast, but so far (at 10:00 pm) it is only mildly cool with only slight sprinkles. This morning, once again, we ate at the Wimberley Cafe and visited with Marilyn Thompson and others. This is such a friendly town!

Today I had migas...scrambled eggs with pieces of tortilla, tomato, pepper, onion, and cheese. YUMM!

At noon we went to Touched by Angels for our massages. Kim is always Raf's therapist, and Jessie is mine. It is soooooo worth it to have an hour massage. This is a must for us...but remember to drink water before and after a massage.

We have found a very nice little coffeehouse called Jitters. We enjoyed their beverages.



John and Sue were at the campground when we returned. John and Raf took a walk and then we met Kelly and Ken at the Cypress Creek Cafe.

Here are Ken and Kelly.

Here are Raf and Ken. We talked to Marilyn and Joe about 8, and they were north of Austin. We'll see them tomorrow. Don and Norma Lewis came up to our table as we were about to leave, and we met them for the first time....more new and "old" folks tomorrow!

Tomorrow I will finish the shrimp salad, slaw, etc. and take them to the Cypress Creek Cabins for Friday lunch. See you then??


tinker said…
Those huevos look bueno! It's funny, you'd think since we have so much Mexican food here we'd have frijoles offered at breakfast - but no, it's usually still potatoes, even if the eggs are ranchero or some other Mexican style. Hmm. It actually makes more sense taste-wise, I'd think, to have the beans. But then that's Texas vs California for you (spoken as a native Californian who lived briefly in Texas) :)

Anyway, the coffee house name made me smile, and it looks so bright and cheerfy.
Hope you're feeling on top of the world after your massage!
Lin said…
WHAT FUN!!!!!! The food, cafes, massages too!!!!

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