Wednesday - Keep Austin Weird

Austin/Wimberley...I love it down here. The scenery is great...the cedars smell so good...and the people are absolutely outstanding!

So...we have Rick, and Kinky, and Grandma, and I don't remember the name of the Democrat running for governor...but this is some horse race, and only in Texas. I am an avowed the bone, BUT...Rick is a sleeze and if Grandma is capable of being governor, so must I be. I am a grandma after all! Those are the two conservatives. Rick has done a lot for gun laws and border laws, but he will spit in the face of a highway patrolman who stops his speeding car! And the schools are in one hell of a mess...thanks to Rick and Mrs. Laura! The Democrat...who is he anyway. No one seems to know. And Kinky...well, he's kinky, all right, but right now I think I just may vote for Kinky!
Well, on to some food. We had breakfast again in the Wimberley Cafe. They are a great bunch of people with good food and better attitude! Met the cousin of one of my life-long friends, Carroll Cawyer. She had seen him at the last Cawyer reunion. Said he is such a handsome boy. I said, "Boy?" He's a 63-year-old retired Marine! Love ya, Carroll!

Oh, no rain in sight today. Highs in the mid-80's. That tomorrow, too, then Friday will be COLD and WET. Love the wet...we need it.

Raf's meal this morning.
My breakfast this morning.
Went to the best gun store in the area. As my hip HURTS Raf went in and shopped. I sewed. He says they had a room for air guns, one for fishing, one for jewelry, and one for the rest.
Wine, wine everywhere at Whole Foods Headquarters on Lamar in downtown Austin.
Whole Foods
My lox and bagel at Whole Foods for lunch...yummmmmm!
Central Market's headquarters is in Austin, too. It is an HEB store. This sign was cute, I thought.
Austin has beggers on every corner. Here's one.
Here's another.

Tomorrow is our appointment at Touched by Angels...massages are wonderful here!! Raf will have four of his nails done, too. Then we will probably eat at Cypress Creek Cafe with people coming to the Gathering. It doesn't have good food...but if you want to see and be seen, it's the place to park yourself in Wimberley. People waiting to be discovered!!

More tomorrow.................


tinker said…
You eat at the best places!
Now I'm craving pancakes...
Dormouse said…
Thanks for visiting my blog. I thought I'd return the favour.

Wonderful photos and as I've not had breakfast yet they're making me feel very hungry. Mmmmmm! :)

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