Tuesday in Wimberley

Wimberley Square after the storm.

And the rains came... Yesterday when we arrived in Wimberley it was in the 90's. Last night it sprinkled a little, but this morning we went to the Wimberley Cafe for breakfast about 9:30. They had on the tv and where we were was bright pink on the dopler! Man, I've never seen pink before. AND there was a litte brown arrow circling in a counter-clockwise direction! Well, duh, it is tornado season, after all! About ten minutes after we arrived the rain, thunder, lightening, hail, and 60 mile-per-hour straight winds. The strong storm lasted about 30 minutes, and, now at 2:19 pm it has continued to rain steadily. I would imagine the temperature is about 60-degrees right now. I think it will stay in the 60's in the daytime for the rest of the week...with more rain expected. We are going to be wet puppies if we get out in it. Thank be to God for this nice warm, dry trailer. BTW, Green Acres RV Park is wonderful...with tv and wifi!!!

The breakfast was very good. Wimberley Cafe is a great place for breakfast. They are open until 5 pm each day.
Raf was watching the tv weather...lots of folks came in out of the rain...smart folks here in Wimberley!!

We got out of the cafe and drove around looking for property for sale. We would still love to get a lot down here! Only found one in the area we want. We called, but they haven't called back. We saw herds of deer...one 6-point buck...how many deer are too many deer??? Two flocks of turkeys...one made up of only toms.

Here are said toms!

We drove back down toward San Marcos to take a photo of the new Wimberley Glass place. It's about half-way between San Marcos and Wimberley.

For those of you driving in that want a great local Austin radio station. Try 90.5 KUT. They are truly eclectic...great station. You can hear them live on the net...just click the link! While Raf went in to Hill Country Guitars talking to Kevin, who didn't know the Gathering was this weekend even though we had told him(!), I listened to their live music segment for singer/songwriters and heard The Band of Heathens. They are super. Their new album is coming out tomorrow at Waterloo and later at Momo's. They are playing the 15th of October at Gruen Hall, too. The are on Fat Carry Records.

Well, I think tonight we will be going to Kyle for supper. Tomorrow we'll go to Austin for strings, fabric, and food. Thursday we have massages, and Raf needs his nails done. Thursday night we will meet some of the folks coming in. Friday the Gathering begins.

I'll post more later!!


Lin said…
tinker said…
The food pics are making me hungry!

Poor lonely Tom* turkeys - hope they find some hens before November rolls around :)

Hope you don't get too wet!

*I'm wondering what they call girl turkeys now - I've never heard anything but Tom...now I'm going to have to google that!
Rhea said…
Wild turkeys. Ya know, we have 'em up here in Boston, too! They wander along the busy roads.

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