Travis, Age 8

Travis celebrated his 8th birthday yesterday at the Steer Bowl in Graham, Texas. He is our youngest grandchild.

Travis, the birthday boy, was 8 yesterday. He's showing us his new tooth coming in.

Travis loves cars, like his father, Brian. You can't tell it, but this cake is made up of lots of cupcakes. You don't cut it, you just pull away the cupcakes. Cool!

Papa bowls!

Cousins Bethy and Jennifer. Bethy was 11 in September, and Jennifer will be 11 in November.

Arsi was the best bowler!

Travis and Bethy horse around.

Tim enjoyed bowling. He will be 11 in January.

Blowing out the candles...make a wish!

Our three granddaughters: Dani, almost 13; Bethy, 11; Jennifer, almost 11

John and Arsi.


Michelle said…
What a cutie! I have got to use that idea for Sage's next cake. Love it.

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