And the beat goes on. . .

Wednesday showed me another first. I have never given blood...I am such a woosy, but Dr. Dave wants me to have two pints of my own blood ready for the surgery.

We went to one of the two Carter Blood Centers in Fort Worth. I was told to eat a low fat, balanced meal two hours before and to drink plenty of water...which I did.

I explained to the gal who was to take the blood that my veins roll and, in general, are hard to be found and that the hospital at home uses a butterfly when taking blood. Carter doesn't have butterflies! I am told.

The first girl can't find a vein, and it's up to the supervisor to do the blood-letting! The supervisor finds a vein in one (and there is very, very little bruising two days later!) and all seems to be well. . .until the end when I begin to become faint. They put ice behind and in front of my neck, raise my legs, and put ice on my ankles. They bring several containers of orange juice. They give me crackers. Finally I am able to "crawl" to the car where I lie in a troubled sleepy wakefulness, and we go home.

Gee, I had wanted to stop for Marble Slab Ice Cream...but now I just want to go home!

By about 9 pm, I finally begin to feel somewhat normal again...but, guess what! I have to do it again next Tuesday.

Oh, Happy Day.

Oh, well, this, too, shall pass.


tinker said…
Yikes, Sioux! That sounds like a Halloween vampire story. I didn't know they would take that much all at once. Hope you're feeling better now. Take care! xo
Anonymous said…
I give blood as many times as I can. The last time I actually could give blood I fainted. I couldn't remember who Brooke was or who anyone was around me. It took me a bit to figure out what had happened. But I'll do it again!! Good luck next time. Carter is the best..I bearly get bruised and I'm a hard stick too!

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