Bob Berry's 60th Birthday

We are just back from Bob Berry's Surprise 60th Birthday party in Brownsville, Texas. Bob was taken to play golf by one of this friends. He knew there was something going on because his son came in from Florida where he is in the Navy and his in-laws came in from Colorado. He came into the party...and was stunned to see Raf there. They served in Colorado and Panama together in the Air Force and had many wild and crazy adventures. They shared a particularly poignant time in their young lives.
Waiting for Bob to return from golf for his surprise party.
Looking toward the golf course from Bob and Gunni's house.
During the party.
Bob is holding Nikki.
Gunni and her sister-in-law.
Gunni and her brother-in-law.
Bob is unwrapping his gifts!
Raf shows Bob the photo he printed for him. It shows Bob at age 19 in 1965 holding belts of 50 calibre linked ammunition.
Bob's gifts...the photo on the right is the one Raf printed for him.

This was wonderful gathering. And we hope to see Bob and Gunni more in the future...after this hip thing is resolved.


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