Hip Replacement...and the beat goes on

Went to see my family doctor, Lake Singh, today. He is putting his stamp of approval on my surgery. He had my chest x-ray there, and low and behold, I have a slightly enlarged heart...he said congestive heart failure, which appears to happen to all of us with high blood pressure for a long period of time, even if we take the meds. He hasn't seen the EKG yet or the last of the lab work, but he says everything looks ok.

The photo at left will be sort of what the hip looks like when it's been replaced. He showed me the x-ray of a friend he just did. Looks just about like this.

I even heard from on friend who tells me his 88-year-old mother-in-law just had the replacement done, and two months later is navigating like she did years ago. Before she had it, she was in a wheelchair. I have not talked to anyone who has a bad thing to say about it...don't want to, either!

Tomorrow we go to Southlake to visit with Brownie and Dee, Raf's cousin and his wife, who are visiting and taking care of grandchildren. Saturday is Travis' birthday party. Then, I am stopping...except the handwork, for a couple of months.

Hugs to everyone...especially my Glitter Sisters!


Hugs back to you! Yay for new body parts.
Lin said…
HORRAY for surgery and meds that help ...!! BIG HUGS!
Diane said…
I prefer to think of you becoming an "assemblage" rather than having a part replaced.
Art trumps all.
Kai said…
have a wonderful trip, keep your troubles light and consider yourself hugged!!
PEace, Kai.
Teri C said…
Hugs and best to you and your remodeling.

Keep us tuned in to your progress.
tinker said…
Sending you loads of hugs and 'be well' wishes, Sioux!
Michelle said…
That sounds like an amazing surgery. I'm sorry that you have to go through it, but glad the technology exists. Take care!
altermyworld said…
Please take care of yourself, I wish i was there and i would sit with you and we could have a cup of tea or coffee or whatever and we could talk and laugh and cry if needed.
I will send angels to surround you, to keep you safe.
Loretta said…
Sioux, when are you scheduled for the hip surgery? You will feel so m uch better after it! I love the comment about becoming your own assemblage! I have quite a few parts that need to be replaced, too!
Hip Surgery is rough on a lot of people, but the outcomes are great!

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