Sunday on South Padre

This morning we "took our lives in our hands" so to speak, trying to find a orthodox Anglican church in this neck of the woods is pretty iffy! Well, St. Andrew's by the Sea in Port Isabel is certainly NOT orthodox, but it did have a male priest and, while there were two lay people assisting with the mass, the man lay person served us...otherwise we would have refused the cup. This was a Rite II service. The priest was just plain silly. He did not go to the pulpit to preach, and what he said could not have been taken as a sermon. It was all extrememly foreign to us, but at least we were able to take communion. We left at the end of communion, before the final prayers. The devil in me wanted to stay and tell him we were from the Diocese of Fort Worth, but, hey, that just didn't matter!!

Today I am going to sit with my feet up and read. My ankles are swollen, and my hip has really been hurting, so I am "giving in" to it today. I HATE to do that!! But I don't have the strength not to. Raf is going to wash our clothes and go fishing on the pier.

Well, 'nough said.


Lin said…
Some days you just gotta rest! Glad you got a moment to do so!

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