October Snow

Autumn with its leaves of green
Turning steadily red and gold
But suddenly Jack Frost's surprise is clear
There's snow on the ground in October this year.

One minute skies were blue and clear
The breeze was soft upon my ear
Then, bam, the wind no longer blew low
And our back yards were full of snow.

Taken from Drudge Report headline, October 13, 2006, "October Turns to Snow"


my backyard said…
Yes, this early snow is quite a surprise.
A few days ago our weather forcast included snow. Fortunately it melted before hitting the ground. We have been experiencing the most wonderful fall weather, to bad I have the flu right now or I'd be winterizing the garden.

We retired from Texas, north of Fort Worth. I know this is the best time for Texas.
Lorraine said…
Oh I love this poem. We were so surprised to see the snow storms in Buffalo on the news last night. So glad I'm in Ky instead of VT right now -- it's only in the 30's-50's here now!

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