Wednesday and Thursday

We left M-Dub about 10 am Wednesday after breakfast at Jodie's.
These glorious purple flowers were found in Erath and Hamilton Counties. Don't know what they are, but the simply glowed. We were going to stop in Johnson City, but we got there about 2, so we decided to go on to George West. From a little north of San Antonio to George West we were hit by many, many small brown and orange butterflies. So that when we arrived in George West the front of the SUV and and windshield were coated. We left George West about 10 am and arrived in South Padre Island, Texas, about 2 pm, where we checked in at Destination South Padre Island. We have stayed here before, but they have wifi isTERRIBLY SLOW...but, at least we have it.
Here's the trailer looking east toward the Gulf of Mexico.
Tonight we ate at Amber Jack...they have ceviche...BUT the food was not nearely as good as we remembered. I had fried oysters...they were too breaded. Raf had filet...too peppery. The balls were overhead in the restaurant.
Raf at Amber Jack.
Out the window at Amber Jack looking toward the bridge over Laguna Madre.
We took a driver after supper out toward the cut...the dunes are beautiful.
The sun over Laguna Madre is beautiful, too.
A little out of focus, but the flowers here are beautiful.

As to other things, I talked to Marsha in Dr. Dave's office today. We will get back on the 16th of October. On the 17th I will go in for blood tests and x-ray of my lungs. Then I will go by Dr. Dave's office to set up times at Cater Blood Bank to take my blood in case they need it during surgery. On the 19th I will see Dr. Singh.

That's all for now...more photos tomorrow. Oh, I began had piecing a turning twenty quilt on the way down.


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