Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Countryside Haiku - from One Deep Breath

Mist covers the hills
Smoke-like drizzle settles down
Hill Country in fall

This photo can be purchased at The Scenic Store. Photo by Joe Lowery. Granted this is a photo of spring...but, hey, it still shows the fog of the Hill Country.


tinker said...

Nice haiku - and the photo, too (hey spring mist isn't all that different from autumn mist; it's all a mystery to me :)

Teri C said...

Lovely haiku and photo too. Isn't it funny how some scenes just bring out the haiku in us!

Kai said...

i like how peaceful the scene is..
just beautiful..Oh, and thankyou for the kind words about my mini
Peace n hugs, Kai

Crafty Green Poet said...

lovely photo and words.

Sandy said...

Very nice, and the hill country looks like a great place to experience fall in the countryside.

Lorraine said...

Oh I love the Haiku and have been trying to write it myself -- not succeeding! And the photo is lovely. Aren't misty mornings wonderfully artistic!


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