Road to Hip Replacement...or Let the Journey Begin

This morning, after traveling most of yesterday to get home, we got up at 8:30 to go to the hospital for tests before surgery. First thing I noticed was that the hospital now has those reflective glass, mirrored sliding windows that let them see out...patients can't see in. This is a new addition. I went to the check in...the window opened. Behind me I heard, from the volunteer, "May I help you?"

This was startling as I was at the check in...but the check in person told me the volunteer would help me. She picked up the phone and directed me to room three...where the door was locked. I was clicked in, but Raf, who had let me out at the door and parked the car, had to knock to be allowed in. He asked the clerk if they experienced a lot of threats in that department, or mad gunmen. He was told the new security measure was for the privacy of the patients!

Once I was checked in, I was told to go to the lab first, radiology second, and radology would call the cardiology as there were only three on at that time. The lab was nothing, as I had had the blood work done last a specimen was all that was required.

We walked on to radiology...seeing friends along the way. The radiographer was very nice, but when he had taken the two films of my chest, he went to check them and left me is a dark room, alone, with all that big equipment around me. I, oddly, felt abandoned! As this is my first ever major surgery...I am feeling my way along.

The radiographer came back and walked me back to the desk where the clerk took us on toward cardiology...the technician met us half-way. Cardiology is in the new wing of the hospital and was very nice.

Let me say right here that our local hospital, Palo Pinto General Hospital in Mineral Wells, Texas, is wonderful, well staffed with happy employees, AND we have many good doctors. We are blessed.

After the tests, we drove to Dr. Dave's office...about 4 blocks away. There Marsha set me up with two trips to Carter Blood Bank to donate my blood to be used, if necessary, rather than using someone else's. This is costing $250 a pop...since I am not on government assistance...not old enough yet!! Marsha also set the surgery for November 6 at 10 am. She wrote a perscription for a walker to be used until and after surgery. She answered questions...with Dr. Dave popping in and out. He is an exceptional doctor, skilled and nice!

We then had to stop by Dr. Singh's office because Raf had had a call concerning his blood work. I went to Waddy's to get iron to take before the blood stuff.

Finally we went to H2JO for breakfast, but, in fact, it was almost noon, so we had paninis for lunch with our usual drinks. It was great to see Amy.

So, now we wait, get our house in order, visit a few relatives...and did I mention, WAIT. My absolutely worst trait in the world is lack of patience.

Tomorrow I will ENDEAVOR to get the Sunday night photos up from the Gathering in Wimberley. AND, at this juncture I have decided to SLOW down, as my friend, Sue Holbrook, who has had both hips done, advised. (yeah, right...those of you who know me) But I plan on following the doctor to a T! I don't want to do this twice.

Oh, and tonight we began ordering what Christmas gifts I did not buy in Wimberley.

Also, on a completely different note, our DVR didn't work right while we were gone, so I missed Survivor AND Project Runway...which comes back on tonight. Oh, well...onward and upward!


Ujwala said…
Hope the surgery goes fine and wishing you a speedy recovery.

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