Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Musical Turtle

Kitten on the keys
Musical tortie Turtle
Feisty little queen

Monday, June 28, 2010

Some Rubyness in my Back Yard

Red feeder hanging
Crepey flowers shimmering
Calling all birdies

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Swap Lives ~~ Sunday Scribblings

I cannot live a life of "what if". Have you ever read C. S. Lewis' The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe? If you have, you will remember Aslan saying something to the order of, "you can't ask what if".

Another saying, particularly used in the 70's, was "if Life gives you lemons, make Lemonade."

We get one life, and we should live it to the best of our abilities. Our lives are what we make of them, so. . .

no, I don't want to trade lives with anyone, past or present. I am not rich or famous, but, for the most part, I am happy. I don't mean joyous every minute, but peacefully happy most of the time. I have everything I need and lots of what I want. . .

and I have love. . .the love of God and the love of my husband and family and friends. For this I am very thankful!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Across the Wide Mississippi!

This is traveling back across the Mississipppi River at Vicksburg. Wasn't particularly muddy! You know, I love Tennessee and would gladly have stayed there to live, and I loved seeing Moby and visiting the McCaslands. We have missed Barney and Margaret so much, BUT, we are surely glad to be home. Turtle is glad to have us here, too.

You know the saying, "East or West, Home is Best!" Yup!


Friday, June 25, 2010

Bayou Marcus in Pensacola for SkyWatch Friday

Clouds float softly by
In water but not the sky
Reflected softly

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Little Frogs

Aren't these the cutest little things! These are in the entry area of Margaret and Barney's house. The top two are different from the bottom two...I mean they are different frogs. I think they are probably the same type.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Signal Mountain, Tennessee

This was the beautiful scene from Signal Mountain, Tennessee, on Saturday. Breathtaking!

And, just so you know, we have been in Pensacola, Florida, for 2 days, and we have gone to the shore and hiked around, and there is no sign of the oil here.


Monday, June 21, 2010

Fun in Pensacola and Ruby Tuesday

For Ruby Tuesday, I am sharing this beautiful quilt on our bed in Pensacola made by our friend, Margaret...

and a fire truck in downtown Pensacola where we ate lunch.
This is us with Barney and Margaret having lunch.
Then we went to one of the National Parks.
These flowers were on our table at lunch.
The beach in Pensacola, and...

the beach with a Great Blue Heron on the boardwalk.
Link video
Our first visit to Pensacola. The beach and white sand is beautiful.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Last Night, Today, and Texas in War

Today we traveled from Nashville to Atlanta. BUT, last night we went to Elliston Place to hear "music" at the Exit In. Walking down the street, I took a photo of the Gold Rush...our favorite bar back in the '70's. It's still there. Then on to the Exit In where I left because it was too hot and too uncomfortable. The show started almost 2 hours later than advertised, and Raf left after two "songs" because they were too loud and no good. He texted me, "Basta! Come and get me!" So I did! Oh, well, we just like singer/songwriter music better than loud whatever it was! Oh, the music was to start at 7 pm...we didn't get in the building until almost 8 pm! Bummer!

Headed from Chattanooga to Atlanta, we were in beautify mountains. Problem was, it poured most of the way...we saw very little of Georgia due to rain and traffic on I-75. Deliver me from ever again traveling on I-75!
Then we got to Atlanta and met with our friend of many, many years Moby (Moby in the Morning) and his beautiful wife Mary Beth and their daughter, Gracie. Check out Moby's show!!
Raf and Moby just LOVE one another!!!
Here Gracie joined in the act. We had a lovely time. We got to see Moby's studio, too. He has really "done good". Yeah, Baby!

On another note, please watch this video to see what is really going on in Texas' War with Mexico. We need to join Arizona! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OXs8gRI70oo

Friday, June 18, 2010

Last Day in Nashville

Today is our last day in Nashville. We ate at Le Peep again...see photos of paintings below. Aren't they great! Then we bought Dasani bottled water...hard to find in Tennessee and went to the Centennial Park Craft Fair. The first one I went to was on our first anniversary, and Raf bought me a bamboo flute, and I bought him a belt buckle. We came to it several years ago, too, when we had a Seibert and a Clifford family reunion here a week apart. The Clifford side went with us to the fair that year. I took photos of some of the booths and of the Parthenon and Raf taking a photo of the Parthenon.

We then made a rushed trip out to Pegram to the Mud Puddle Pottery and bought a couple of things. (see the wood carving below) If you feel like giving some money to someone, send the Mud Puddle money for flood relief for the Harpeth Valley area.

Then we ate at Krystals. I have always loathed square meat, but I decided to be a sport and try some today...ugh! If God had wanted us to eat square meat, He would have made square cows!

Then we drove through Percy Priest Park and back to the hotel. The park was glorious, but once again many signs of flood were present.

Tonight we are going to the Exit In to hear Victor Wooten. Then on to Atlanta to see Moby, of Moby in the Morning, tomorrow and on to Pensacola Sunday to Margaret and Barney.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Thursday AND Skywatch Friday

OK...so let's start with a little of Wednesday and continue with Thursday. The photo below is one Raf took of Radnor Lake yesterday. It has survived pretty well since the flood...500 Years Flood that hit Nashville about 60 days ago. This is where we walked many times while courting and where we took the girls and where we've taken John. It is absolutely beautiful...the best, by far, of Nashville.

By-the-way, Nashville itself is coming back strong from the flood...no looting, no violence...people here, like people in Texas, don't belly-ache and beg for government assistance, they just get on with it.

The cutlines are under the photos this time!

Radnor Lake, Nashville, Tennessee
Bluebird Cafe in Nashville...the best for singer/songwriter music, this time with Rob Crosby and John Ford Colby...can't remember the other guy's name, but he was VERY good, too...Colby, not so much...Crosby, great!
This morning we ate at Le Peep. This is one of the outstanding paintings on their wall.
Church Street Coffeehouse in White Bluff, Tennessee...great owl painting.

Loveless Motel and Cafe in Nashville...great food...home cooking at its best.

SKYWATCH FRIDAY! Nashville skies...so different from Texas Skies!
Radnor Lake Sky
Montgomery Bell State Park Sky

Today we went to Kingston Springs, our best home here....I miss it soooooooo much. Went by the Bon Aqua house, too! Lovely day!!! In Kingston we went to the park, and lo and behold, a garden and bench dedicated to an old friend Lula Bell Finch!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Nashville on Wednesday...Daytime

This was a great day. I am not going to put these in order, but here's where we went in the daytime on Wednesday in Nashville. Tonight we go to the Bluebird Cafe...for music!

Radnor Lake...a local, in town lake, once saved by Minnie Pearl and Mrs. Tex Ritter. This was where we went on dates a lot. Don't miss the beautiful wilderness area in the middle of Nashville if you come here!!
More Radnor Lake
Lunch at the Ellingston Place Soda Shop
Soda Shop
Raf at the Soda Shop
Web Pierce's House where Raf once swam in his guitar-shaped swimming pool and got sick as a dog!
Minnie Pearl's former home
Hillsboro Village
Hillsboro Village
Breakfast at the Pancake Pantry


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