Haiku Bones and Radient Bethy

Glow of Achievement
Smile of Success in All Thing
Accomplishment Done

Bethy has hit her 4th home run in as many weeks today. Her select softball team is playing a tournament in Mesquite. They presented her with the ball in a little trophy holder. She will be playing in the state finals in Denton in a couple of weeks and will go to the World Series in July in Panama City, Florida. She is now a freshman.


Hard-won accomplishments do tend to make people radiate, don't they?


Radiant Haiku Bones!
judie said…
Awesome softball player you have there! My cousin used to live in Denton. Small world, huh? I hope she enjoys her trip to Panama City. No beaching this trip, tho, I'm afraid. Sad. xoxoxo
Tinker said…
Congratulations! That is so cool. My oldest girl played in the softball leaques for a few years. It was fun watching them play (I don't miss those hard bleachers in the hot sun though, lol).
Wow - four homeruns in four weeks! And now onto the state finals and World Series. That's great. I can just imagine how proud you all must be of her.
Tinker said…
I meant "leagues" - not "leaques", lol!
pieceofpie said…
there is nothing so beautiful as a child's sense of smiling... fever

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