Last Day in Nashville

Today is our last day in Nashville. We ate at Le Peep again...see photos of paintings below. Aren't they great! Then we bought Dasani bottled water...hard to find in Tennessee and went to the Centennial Park Craft Fair. The first one I went to was on our first anniversary, and Raf bought me a bamboo flute, and I bought him a belt buckle. We came to it several years ago, too, when we had a Seibert and a Clifford family reunion here a week apart. The Clifford side went with us to the fair that year. I took photos of some of the booths and of the Parthenon and Raf taking a photo of the Parthenon.

We then made a rushed trip out to Pegram to the Mud Puddle Pottery and bought a couple of things. (see the wood carving below) If you feel like giving some money to someone, send the Mud Puddle money for flood relief for the Harpeth Valley area.

Then we ate at Krystals. I have always loathed square meat, but I decided to be a sport and try some today...ugh! If God had wanted us to eat square meat, He would have made square cows!

Then we drove through Percy Priest Park and back to the hotel. The park was glorious, but once again many signs of flood were present.

Tonight we are going to the Exit In to hear Victor Wooten. Then on to Atlanta to see Moby, of Moby in the Morning, tomorrow and on to Pensacola Sunday to Margaret and Barney.


Bimbimbie said…
Looks and sounds like you have had a wonderful time*!*
Love the paintings!!! Your post makes me think you're having one heckuva great time on your trip.
judie said…
You are obviously having too much fun Sioux. I'm envious of your trip. Be safe. xoxoxo
Naturegirl said…
Sioux it looks like you are having a good time travelling!
Square meat I don't understand but what I do know is the water you mention...(((DIRTY))) one the worst bottled water on the market!!! Smart advertising that's all.I saw a documtary on water and how we are destroying this precious resource..bottled waters were discussed.A few brand names mentioned.
We all know about the oil devastation but I really advise you to be picky about your bottled and light your friend anna
Sioux said…
There are several places in the US that have square hamburgers, rather than round... Wendy's, Krystal's, and White Castle are three.

As to our water...that's the only kind we tastes as good warm as cold, and the others don't.

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