Thursday AND Skywatch Friday let's start with a little of Wednesday and continue with Thursday. The photo below is one Raf took of Radnor Lake yesterday. It has survived pretty well since the flood...500 Years Flood that hit Nashville about 60 days ago. This is where we walked many times while courting and where we took the girls and where we've taken John. It is absolutely beautiful...the best, by far, of Nashville.

By-the-way, Nashville itself is coming back strong from the looting, no violence...people here, like people in Texas, don't belly-ache and beg for government assistance, they just get on with it.

The cutlines are under the photos this time!

Radnor Lake, Nashville, Tennessee
Bluebird Cafe in Nashville...the best for singer/songwriter music, this time with Rob Crosby and John Ford Colby...can't remember the other guy's name, but he was VERY good, too...Colby, not so much...Crosby, great!
This morning we ate at Le Peep. This is one of the outstanding paintings on their wall.
Church Street Coffeehouse in White Bluff, Tennessee...great owl painting.

Loveless Motel and Cafe in Nashville...great food...home cooking at its best.

SKYWATCH FRIDAY! Nashville different from Texas Skies!
Radnor Lake Sky
Montgomery Bell State Park Sky

Today we went to Kingston Springs, our best home here....I miss it soooooooo much. Went by the Bon Aqua house, too! Lovely day!!! In Kingston we went to the park, and lo and behold, a garden and bench dedicated to an old friend Lula Bell Finch!


ascu75 aka Don said…
Thanks for posting the piccies and I loved reading your stuff. XXXDon
Kcalpesh said…
You have a really nice blog! The pictures you have posted are really interesting!!

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