The all-encompassing acceptance
The soft, warm, constant glow
The tender words oft spoken
The way you always know

For me they mean the world and all
For me they are so dear
For me your gaze into my eyes
For me you're always near

I wish the same of everything
I hope you understand
I pray your safe contentment
Each time I hold your hand.


lila said…
What a great guy! And a lovely tribute!
Annie said…
How tender and true, Sioux.
gemma said…
Very sweet Sioux.
Have a lovely weekend. It is getting hot here.
SandyCarlson said…
Very beautiful. Thank you.
Jim said…
This is a wonderful and beautiful (and sweet!!!) tribute.
Bonny said…
Great photo!! That's a lovely tribute to a wonderful man :)
Sioux said…
Thanks, everyone. He is a very good man!
Kathiesbirds said…
This sounds like an enduring love and so sweetly said! Love the final line and the picture it creates in my mind.

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