Well, it looks to me as though it will be a close call whether we get one tomato before we leave for the East. We did eat the two little sugar grape tomatoes that were ripe yesterday, but, as with lots of tomatoes we have heard about in this area, the spring rains were too much, and so there have been no blooms after the first.

Oh, well, if we don't get them, Carolyn will, and she will enjoy them while we are gone.

This is a new woodpecker log Raf put up. The old one...about 5 years...just won't hang any longer. You would think it was the dead of winter the way the woodpeckers attack this peanut butter...and their woodpecker cakes, as well. Right now, away from my camera, the white winged doves are all over the feeders. They usually fight with the common grackles and blue jays. The woodpeckers we have are downys...and they have had at leas one clutch. We may not be able to raise veg very well, but our birds are doing great!


Diana said…
No sign of tomatoes at my place. Squash is already abundant though!
Sioux said…
Squash blossomed and then nothing happened...same with cucumbers! I just don't thumb is obviously black, not green!

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