Last Night, Today, and Texas in War

Today we traveled from Nashville to Atlanta. BUT, last night we went to Elliston Place to hear "music" at the Exit In. Walking down the street, I took a photo of the Gold Rush...our favorite bar back in the '70's. It's still there. Then on to the Exit In where I left because it was too hot and too uncomfortable. The show started almost 2 hours later than advertised, and Raf left after two "songs" because they were too loud and no good. He texted me, "Basta! Come and get me!" So I did! Oh, well, we just like singer/songwriter music better than loud whatever it was! Oh, the music was to start at 7 pm...we didn't get in the building until almost 8 pm! Bummer!

Headed from Chattanooga to Atlanta, we were in beautify mountains. Problem was, it poured most of the way...we saw very little of Georgia due to rain and traffic on I-75. Deliver me from ever again traveling on I-75!
Then we got to Atlanta and met with our friend of many, many years Moby (Moby in the Morning) and his beautiful wife Mary Beth and their daughter, Gracie. Check out Moby's show!!
Raf and Moby just LOVE one another!!!
Here Gracie joined in the act. We had a lovely time. We got to see Moby's studio, too. He has really "done good". Yeah, Baby!

On another note, please watch this video to see what is really going on in Texas' War with Mexico. We need to join Arizona!


Annie said…
Warm friendship of old friends. Can't have enough of that. Enjoyed the video Sioux. I sent it on to Don. We support Arizona.
Sioux said…
We support Arizona, too, and my family who lives there says we need to declare war on Mexico...I agree. Wish Rick Perry, our governor, was a brave and smart, but he is neither!
judie said…
We have a FL guy in the gov race who wants to join Arizona too. and this morning on tv I saw Nebraska is joining. I dont have anything against immigrants from any country, just illegal ones from anywhere. If you want to come live in the U.S. I think you should do three things: 1. Get legal
2: Pay taxes like we have to
3: Learn English. xoxoxo
Diana said…
Thanks for your prayers!

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