Ruby Tuesday

I read all the red
Books of every description
Delighting, restful


Liz said…
Interesting books, I'm sure.

Happy RT!

Liza (mcn)
Felisol said…
Hi Sioux Sue,
You have created some wonderful homepages.
Makes me want to stay for a long while.
I'll be back, for sure, as soon as I have payed my Ruby Tuesday friends a visit.
Also I must not remember to thank you for the great card you sent on Veterans Day.
All those flowers turning into the statue of Liberty.
Did I tell you that the copper, which the Statue of Liberty is made own, comes from a copper mine on our neighbor island.
The mines were owned by a French company.
In fact there shall be a stone from that mine placed near by the statue, with a plaque on, telling about the Norwegian copper.

We are so small, we tend to be proud of everything.

I like a heap of well read books.
It's a comforting sight.
Among the authors I have a weak spot for Ian Rankin and his Edinburgh detective Rebus.

Enjoy your sunny, sunny country. Wish I was there.
Annie said…
Hummmm. I'm going to have to check out Stephen Hunter.
Looks like you are a fellow bookworm. We love books at our house, too.
My first Ruby Tuesday is at this link:
gemma said…
I have read some red books as well.
Right now I'm working on a green one.

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