Tripping to the East and Ruby Tuesday


(Bethy and Carolyn)

Well, we got up about 7:45, got dressed, and went to Jimmy's Cafe for breakfast. Of course, we saw lots of folks we knew. It's always nice to visit at Jimmy's!

Then we got gas and headed East. Our first stop was in Greenville, Texas, where we ate an early McDonald's lunch and got $5 worth of gas. Raf had driven to begin with, so I began driving there and drove to Texarkana where we got gas (much higher priced). Raf took over the driving again, and we cruised through the green, tall treed southern Arkansas flat. We saw only one river that was flooded, the Little Missouri. It was out of its banks, but, of course, we were up on the interstate, so we were cool. I even saw kids playing and swimming in other rivers.

We got to the west side of Little Rock a little before 5, checked in to the Comfort Inn, sat a while, then ate at Wendy' I HATE square meat, but I had a salad...but Raf didn't like his, and neither did I. I tried a chocolate shake, and it was terrible, too. Ole Dave Thomas would not have been pleased.

We are now in for the night. Using computers, reading. . .Talk to you tomorrow!

For Ruby Tuesday, I took this photo of Raf fixing his knife that he bent in the office chair in the motel room!

Trip so far:


EG Wow said…
Raf bent his knife in the office chair? That doesn't sound good.

Have a safe trip!
Sioux said…
The office chair in the hotel room sort of grabbed the is a clip knife that stick out of his back pocket.
Jim said…
O Wow, Sue! Has Raf checked the length of his blade? Arkansas doesn't like concealed weapons! Especially when they are tearing up the furniture [:_).
Happy RT! This was a great post. Enjoy your holiday.
BTW, we went to Farmerville, La, this weekend to visit Mrs. Jim's sister. Gas was $2.48 at an Exxon station before we got to Shreveport. Your $5.00 would have bought two gallons.
Gas is expensive down here too....cheaper in Houston...go figure. Guess they consider us 'the end of the road' and no way of making any profit with 'drive through tourists'.

LOL on the square too, it's too odd to eat. But I love their vanilla frosties.

My Ruby Tuesday is HERE. Hope you can find time to visit with me today.
gemma said…
Hi Souix
Have a good safe trip!Enjoy yourselves...I know you will.
Sioux said…
Good one, teach...may I call you that, since I was one, too??

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