Raf at the Double J last night

Last night Raf played at the Double J Hacienda and Art Ranch along with owner, Jimmy Baldwin, as an opening act for Big John Mills.

This song, The Arriajan Bar, was written about a bar in Panama where Raf and his friend Bob and others used to hang out, back in the day, when they were stationed in Panama in the Air Force. This song is one of 15 that will be on his new album, Used Cows, which will come out this fall.


Felisol said…
I'm deeply impressed. Your hubby can both sing and write lyrics.
You should be so proud of him.
I sure hope his album is a success too.
Tinker said…
Catchy tune. It has sort of a tropical feel to it.
I like the name of his new album.
Annie said…
Hi Sioux, I feel the poignancy of Raf's memory of this place that doesn't exist anymore. Well, done Raf. You have made the Arriajan Bar now live forever.

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