Fun in Pensacola and Ruby Tuesday

For Ruby Tuesday, I am sharing this beautiful quilt on our bed in Pensacola made by our friend, Margaret...

and a fire truck in downtown Pensacola where we ate lunch.
This is us with Barney and Margaret having lunch.
Then we went to one of the National Parks.
These flowers were on our table at lunch.
The beach in Pensacola, and...

the beach with a Great Blue Heron on the boardwalk.
Our first visit to Pensacola. The beach and white sand is beautiful.


reg said…
That quilt made my heart stop for a brief second. It is so similar to a few that my Grandmother made years ago. This one is just as lovely those I have here.
Manang Kim said…
Looks like you all had fun. One thing too I love that quilt that is so pretty!! Happy Tuesday!

RRT~Red Hollyhock
Jim said…
Lots of pretty red here, Souix. We have blue herons around here. One sits on the road bridge over our end of the lake. One day I say him swooping down after a fish. His wing spread is at least four feet.

I like you reds, even the blue heron one! Happy RT!
BTW, hurry back to Texas, we are about to leave. Would guard the fort? Maybe Anni? Or JIMG?
Annie said…
Hi Sioux, It is very good to see that the waters and shores of Pensacola are clean and uneffected by the oil disaster in the Guld. Happy times for you.

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