Tuesday...Little Rock to Nashville...right through Jackson

Ate at Waffle House this morning...love Waffle House!

Today we traveled from Little Rock, Arkansas, to Nashville, Tennessee. We got to Nashville about 3 pm. It is a beautiful drive once you get past Memphis..which, in my opinion, has very few redeeming features! Mostly it's traffic all the way through, people driving poorly, and the few times we have stopped, it's a fairly dirty city. Maybe all river cities are that way, but frankly I don't think so. Just a prejudice of mine, I suppose, as Middle Tennessee is so beautiful! As we traveled along the highway I just wanted to reach out and touch those beautiful, green trees and all that beautiful water. We crossed the Harpeth River three times...as usual. We lived right by the Harpeth when we lived here. It just can't be beat! If you want a river to canoe down, or just to sit by or fish on, and you're in Tennessee, find the Harpeth!

We are now in the Comfort Inn on Demonbreun Street in Nashville. Will go out and eat, probably at the Irish pub across the street, and will fill you in on that later! Dan Mc Guiness Irish Pub. We had fish and chips, and while it isn't authentic Irish, it was good, service was good, reminded me of "back in the day"!

This was taken crossing the Mighty Mississippi today...not good, but I tried.

Two books on tape we have listened to are The Vanished Man by Jeffery Deaver and Mischief by Ed McBain...(thanks, Sheila)!

See you tomorrow!


PEA said…
I'd love to go to Tennessee one day! Being a huge Elvis fan, of course I'd want to visit Memphis but I did hear that it's quite a dirty little town. When mom used to go to Florida for the Winter months every year, I remember her telling me that driving through parts of Tennessee was always her favourite, especially in the Fall:-) Have a wonderful trip and keep those photos coming!! xoxo

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