Skywatch Friday

Hot as hell, Texas
Breeze blowing hardly ever

Blue and green summer


Larry D said…
Summer weather is here as well, nice photos! Happy SWF.
Annie said…
It looks so light and airy, Sioux. Having been through a Texas summer, I totally understand that looks are deceiving.
Dawn said…
Nice shots - I would have a hard time coping with that intense heat.
Naturegirl said…
I invite you to come here to my world where cool summer breezes blow and it rained last week so everything looks green and lush!
Grab a glass of cooling lemonade to cool off!
Sioux said…
Thank you. That sounds delicious!
Hotter than hell is right! Why even the sea breeze in our neck of the woods isn't cooling it down one iota!!

Love your sky watch photos, as I love watching the clouds drifting by all the time.

Thanks for visiting. I will go and begin following you, my dear Texan neighbor, as soon as I click to publish the comment.
Ain't that the truth? Before long it will read "brown and wilted summer."

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