Musical Turtle

Kitten on the keys
Musical tortie Turtle
Feisty little queen


PEA said…
Hello dear Sue:-) Finally having the time to do some visiting...we have a cold front that moved in and it's raining so I'm staying inside and spending time with my blogging buddies!! It's been MUCH too long since I've been here:-(

Turtle is so gorgeous, I don't think I've ever seen colouring like that on a cat. And I see he's even musical! hehe I have another stray mama kitty and her 2 kittens that I've been feeding but tomorrow we need to trap them and bring them in to Pet Save. Just don't want to take the chance that she'll get pregnant again. Went through that with the other strays and ended up having to bring in 11 cats! Don't want to go through that again. lol

Hope your week is going well my friend. Love ya. xoxo
judie said…
That is a BIG kitten Sioux. Looks as long as my Doxie. :) xoxoxo
Sioux said…
Actually, she weighs only about 8 pounds...just looks big. She's the first cat we've had that didn't get up to 10 or 15 pounds as an adult!
Sioux said…
Oh, Pea, she is a tortoise and white. Usually they are only males. Like a calico but with one fewer colors.

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