Oak Cottage Blue

Violette, from Vancouver CA, inspired us to, when our house was needing a new coat of paint, paint it bright, happy colors rather than the staid colors it was before in a staid neighborhood of solemn greens and drab grays. To this end we painted the house a beachy light and darker blue with trims of bright white and dragon fruit pink. I must say we have gotten some comments...about the same ones as my pink hair got. Things like, "why did you do that?" and "is it really...pink, blue, etc.?" or "tell me about that blue".

My, sort of answer...although I really don't like the answer, is "bucket list"...which is what one lady asked. We will probably paint the house again in another 10 years or so, so I am not really saying "bucket list"! I hate those words...I am just middle age, really I am!!

Anyway, this is a fun project, in addition to beginning to learn how to use the new movie camera, plan a trip to Virginia and Florida, and do some art projects...while Raf does some photo projects (one of his photos was on the front page as the lead photo in the Mineral Wells Index) and cuts an album a Roughwood Studio.

So...that's the way it is!!!


Now all you need is a pink truck or a blue car!! Something to match your colors!! I think it is great that you take the chance to do with your home what you want to do. Here they would not let us do it. The Association would have a Major fit!!
judie said…
Neat new header Sioux. I didnt get to see your pink hair. When did you do it? xoxoxo j.
Sioux said…
Thanks for the compliments!

Sure am glad we are not in an area with neighborhood associations!!

Judie, I just just put up a photo of the pink hair and my new drum, so check out the next post!!
Annie said…
Outstanding! I could not get Don to do that if those were that last colors on earth. LOL
Sioux said…
Actually, Raf told me whatever color I wanted...I thought about purple and green, but since Violette had already done that I looked at beach home colors around the Gulf and came up with these.

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