Our Vegetable Garden

This year we decided to try a vegetable garden again. We live on the top of a sandstone hill, and if you dig about 4 inches all you get is ROCK. Native plants will grow, but, mostly, vegetables don't take too kindly to those rocks. We have tried, off and on, for the last 26 years to come up with a plan. This year we finally made it, I pray.

We got our lawn guy to build us a waist height garden off our deck so that we (I) can get to the plants without bending over, and so that we had use good, Home Depot bought, soil!

So far, so good. We have at least one tomato on each plant. Tomatoes were our primary goal (we have 13 plants...6 Celebrity, 6 Early Girl, and one Sugar Grape, but we also have lots of herbs, some cucumbers, zucchini, and radishes. I would have gotten Porter for the small tomatoes, but there weren't any at the time.

The Porter tomato was developed in Stephenville, Texas, by a friend of my father's. He didn't develop them on our land, but he did develop a variety of watermelon on our land.

Any hoo...here is a video of our garden as it looks today...right before the, thank God, rain! In the background you can hear the birds...a lot of white winged doves, grackles, and bluejays at this time of day. Tracy Dove had mentioned the sound of birds in yesterday's video, which I hadn't really heard, but today they are loud and clear, as the wind has FINALLY died down.

Can't believe it's the middle of May in Texas, and it's rainy and cool almost every day! So, God willing, we won't have a drought this year!!


Annie said…
Hi Sioux. I love the garden video. What an excellent solution to tackling the problem of poor soil AND old backs. I may steal the old back solution myself and make myself a big container.

I had a nice conversation with kitty and advised him/her that it was not a good idea to dig and use mommy's garden as a potty area. How's that working out for you.

Sioux said…
Neither cat seems to care about the garden! One goes under the deck...the other is 19 and doesn't care where he goes...but not in the garden...yet!
Dawn said…
Lovely garden! What a good idea. You are enjoying your new camera, I can tell. I wish it would warm up around here so that gardens can get started!
lila said…
I'm trying a garden again this year. Last summer was my first veggie garden. I love the leaf lettuce and spinach I have so far!
We use the layered "lasagne" garden method.
Naturegirl said…
Love that waist high garden! Best for arthritic knees...I need one here! Hope this year we have better tomatoes than last. With this ((COLD)) weather and grey skies I hope it won't be the same as last year!Loved the sound effects with kitty and seeing the two kitties! Purr-Zzzz anna
Tinker said…
I love your waist-high garden. Keith would really like that too (he should be getting his other hip replaced this summer). I'll have to show this to him. Though he might be jealous of your tomatoes - ours are still just blossoming. ;)

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