SkyWatchFriday...Evening in Texas

Check out SkyWatch Friday! We have had clouds and dreary weather for quite a while...we are thankful for the rain...but tonight the sky is clear and bright, the grass green and glowing, the birds cheerful. Welcome to an evening shot of Texas!


gemma said…
Looks like a lovely quiet evening in Texas.
Jim said…
Hi Sue, isn't it nice to live in Texas! I just love it, have been here fifty-one years now! Five in El Paso and forty-six in the Houston area.
I like your YouTube. Thank you. :)

Thank you too for stopping in to see another of my family roundup posts. Our baby, Karen, and her family--including KP you saw in the orange U/T cheerleader outfit--are moving to London ASAP. Her health exam hasn't cleared yet but she has a visa now.
Tornadoes were all around me yesterday, so I was definitely on skywatch! We got by with a little wind and tons of rain!
Bimbimbie said…
It's always lovely to see the sun and hear the birds after the rain*!*

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