JackFruit...whatta ya do with it?

I had never heard of a JackFruit, let alone seen one, until today when we were shopping at Central Market in Fort Worth. I put the photo on Facebook and got comments, so I decided to see what one could do with a JackFruit.

Here is a page about JackFruit Recipes. Wikipedia tells us that it is a relative of the mulberry and comes Southern and Southeast Asia. The name comes from the Portuguese, jaca, as they were the Westerners to arrive in India and discover this fruit. The fruit is evidently closely involved with mango and bananas and served with them.

I believe you can purchase these anywhere there is an up-scale market. I bet you can find them in the outdoor markets of the east coast like Vancouver's Granville Island.

The wood of the jackfruit is used to make furniture. The heartwood is also used as a dye.

What a wonderful fruit!


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