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Sunday Scribblings suggested this prompt this week: Do you have a mantra? The original meaning of mantra is something that you repeat to help you concentrate while you are meditating. There are lots of people, however, who use a mantra to help them concentrate in other ways. Do you have one? Do you need one? Would you like one? Can you share yours or is it secret and private? How do you feel about mantra?

Here is my story. When visiting the convent of All Saints Sisters of the Poor in Catonsville, Maryland, of which I am a member of their fellowship, I participated in a week-long silent retreat. One thing the nuns taught us was relaxation/meditation/prayer. The above photo sort of captures the "stance". We were each asked to pick a mantra to help us achieve a state of meditation and prayer.

My mantra was then, and still is, "Come, Lord Jesus, Come". It does help me to become more relaxed and to achieve a state of meditative prayer.

I feel that the mantra is indeed helpful to me.


S said…
I'm happy to read that your mantra gives you peace.
My reply is here:
Dee Martin said…
A wonderful mantra to have!

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