Sky Watch Friday, May 14, 2010

Decided to test the movie camera for a Sky Watch. We have been watching the sky here in the desolate, dry North Central Texas Hill Country. It has been pouring with rain for a couple of days...and on and off all winter and spring. We are thankful for the rain as we had been in a terrible drought for several years. I wanted to get the effect of the storm, but it was quiet when I filmed this clip. Now the thunder is all around and the lightening is bright.

This newest cell is developing right over us as we sit and watch outside our French windows.

Now back from eating with my has poured the whole time. I got a "red alert" on my phone that we have a flood watch in process. Hey, I just drove over the Crystal Canal...I could tell it was flooding!


fickleinpink said…
a fine day for a walk!

xoxo, fickle
Gale said…
Good idea to do video! There was some clouds the other day I wish I had gotten a video off (if was so mesmerizing the way they were moving)...they would have made a pretty picture too, but I went in to get my camera and the kids needed me to do something and by the time I got back out the clouds had moved on.

My yard enjoyed the rain this week! I'm in Central Texas too (Waco area).
Barbara said…
So great that you got some rain but I am sure you are not so keen on the floods.
Sioux said…
So long as it doesn't hurt anyone, it's ok. And, God knows, we need the rain as we were in a drought for about 4 years before last October.

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