See My Garden Grow

I surely would like your comments. These vegetables are growing in off-the-ground containers with plenty of drainage, soil, etc. I am using Miracle Grow's new spray on fertilizer every 7 days. I am also spraying for disease and bugs every 7 day. It has rained a lot. However, the tomato blossom are not turning into fruit. There is only one tomato per plant. These plants are specific to Texas. They are Celebrity and Early Girl, with one Sugar Grape. I do not understand what is happening to the blossoms to cause they to not pollinate. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!!


judie said…
Hey Sioux. I'm not a gardner, but if you call your local Ag Extension Agent office, they can tell you exactly what to do. I find lots of answers that way, about plants, birds, bugs, snakes, etc.
lila said…
Good advice from Judie.
I remember last year I had the same thing...blossoms and very little fruit. At first.
Something about needing warm days and cool nights..I can't remember. Eventually tomato fruits did set and we enjoyed them!
I'm trying again this year in a sunnier place!
Hope yours soon take off!
Sioux said…
You know, Lila, I've wondered about that. We have had no warm weather...very little sun. Today it is supposed to be in the 90˚F's but cloudy. I think perhaps it is too much rain or something. I intend to call the extension agent next week, though. He will probably know.
Annie said…
I'm always impressed by how quickly a garden grows when it really takes off. I notice that the kitties aren't around today.

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