Paper Doll Pattern...New City Councilman

Several of you have asked for my latest paper doll pattern. Here it is. It's got much more of a woman's form than the other one did. Hope you will enjoy using it to make a paper doll.

The best ones I have done are on heavy paper and backed with more heavy paper on the body and head. I don't ever articulate the head...too follopy! I suppose! You can add doll hair for a more real look and cloth rather than paper clothing. They are lots of fun to make, and people enjoy ones with their own faces added! They are a great gift!

Last night we went to the swearing in ceremony of your newest, and youngest, Mineral Wells Texas City Councilman, John Upham. John was with our John in Boy Scouts of America, and they both are Eagle Scouts, and they both came home after college as fine examples of hometown men!

In the photograph Raf took, John Upham, age 26, is in the middle. The Mayor, Mike Allen, is on the right, and the other City Councilman, Tommy Blissitte, is on the left. Mike and Tommy were already members of the Council. John is new, defeating a 16-year veteran for the position! Congratulations to all three of you.

I will post a video of the swearing in ceremony either later today or tomorrow.


Oh, I love paper dolls! I was a member of Original Paper Doll Artist Guild and subscribed to their magazine ages ago. If you've never visited, check them out at I got lots of ideas and really enjoyed their site.

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