My Day so Far

I'm reading a new author, Claire Matturro.  This is a great mystery set in Sarasota, Florida, with lawyers, drugs, hippies, guns, dogs, strange people, and WINE!  A really fun read.

And the rain is's after midnight right now, and about an hour ago we got a "red alert" on our phone for weather...rain, thunder, lightening, and large far, no hail, thank the Good Lord!  But the storm has lasted over an hour.  I do like the idea of signing up with the city for or what-have-you.  So I texted my in-town kids and let them know, as they have not signed up for the free service.

About noon I am meeting a couple of high school classmates at a new bistro here in M-dub.  Hope it is really good...we need more up-scale places!  And it's right downtown.  The gals, especially Sheila, and I meet together for a meal every so often.  It's a lot of fun to keep up with old friends, and I am doubly blessed because I get to meet up with friends from here and from Stephenville, which is only 42 miles south...some of those people I have known, as my mother used to say, "since before we were born."

This is my new camera, a Kodak Zi8.  I took some still photos with it yesterday, and while it is a good movie camera, I will stick with my little Nikon for still shots.  Here is the best of the photos it took:

This is a photo of one of my Mothers Day flowers that my grandson, John, gave me.  He gave me tulips and they opened!  Isn't it lovely!!

Raf just found this beautiful music performed by Ruby Jane Smith and Mike O'Connor. Listen!

PopTech's Video feed

Well, I had a great night's sleep, and as it's morning, although still raining with thunder and lightening, I guess I'd better "get on my horse" and get ready to meet my friends for lunch.  I also have that paper doll to finish today.  It's almost done.

Oh, just a few minutes ago my friend texted me that her daughter, Lauren, has been in labor for 24 hours, and the midwife it taking her to the hospital.  Please pray for Lauren!
So, you guys, take care...and I'll see you soon!


Tinker said…
Sounds like a good day so far. Hope the hail stays away - and that all goes well with your friend's daughter.
Thanks for the sweet music.

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