The Grandma with Pink Hair

For those of you who have not seen the pink hair...or the new djembe, here we are! I am playing the djembe for the CD Raf is making, and it has been a lot of fun. Used to play percussion...timpani and the like...when I was in school.


Ninnie said…
Love the hair, house and new look of the blog. Love Hugs and Blessings
Annie said…
Hummm. My oh my, how things have changed, Sioux. I must do some exploring.

Love your pink hair. You are very bold. LOL
gemma said…
Cool new blog Sioux.
I think it's so fun that you did your hair pink. I went pink for a while. It was so fun. Percussion is fun too. In fact it was the first music...rain drops & thunder
accompanied by wind in the trees.
Sioux said…
I am going to quote what I said in my blogging about the blue house since I have gotten so many comments on the hair..."Violette, from Vancouver CA, inspired us to, when our house was needing a new coat of paint, paint it bright, happy colors rather than the staid colors it was before in a staid neighborhood of solemn greens and drab grays. To this end we painted the house a beachy light and darker blue with trims of bright white and dragon fruit pink. I must say we have gotten some comments...about the same ones as my pink hair got. Things like, "why did you do that?" and "is it, blue, etc.?" or "tell me about that blue"."
Felisol said…
Dear Sioux,
Great pink hair. One should do all the great things, while one is still aloud. You never know; some sunny day,pink might be forbidden..
A friend of mine painted her new house pink back in the eighties. People came from way around to have a look.

The Latin name of my plant is hoya carnosa, in case you want to look it up.
Have a great Ascension Day.
Dawn said…
You are definitely have fun with color lately!

Thanks so much for stopping by to visit and read about our adventure with our dear Cambodian friends. It was definitely a blessing to us!

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