Saturday, Sweet Saturday...with some things to do!

I completed the Rose Guardian Paper Doll yesterday. This was made with a slightly different template that I will post soon...shape was more woman-like than the others I have made. The face is that of my mother. This is what I wrote about the doll:

This is Rose Elizabeth Bowden Ficke. She was born in Brownwood, Texas, in 1910. She was a daughter, wife, mother, grandmother, and cousin. She was a flapper with a degree in music and another in education. She was a teacher and a Christian. Her special powers were the ability to teach others’ children, and they learned and loved her as she guided and guarded them. She is made with paper of various types and a few embellishments.


The movie clips below were taken at the Texas Frontier Trails (Facebook fan page) meeting last night. Note the first speaker is musician and playwright, Andy Wilkinson, who has written plays about the Palo Pinto County, Texas, area, especially about the Goodnight-Loving Trail. The second clip shows Barry Corbin who will be performing here on August 7 in a one-man-play called Charlie Goodnight's Last Night. The last clips show Adam Hull and the Handsome Halfbreed(s) singing original work.

If you have heard of Lonesome Dove, you have heard of Charlie Goodnight and Oliver Loving. If you are going to be in the area, or are a Barry Corbin fan, join us on August 7! This is the story of our history here in the North Texas Hill Country. Click on the Texas Frontier Trails link to order tickets!

Raf is now off to do some more work on his CD at Rough Wood Studio. Several of the songs are set in Palo Pinto County, and one in particular is an homage to the Molines of Millsap (Parker County) and to their ranch. Stay tuned...the CD should be out by summer's end.


gemma said…
Great! Paper dolls are so much fun! I love that you made your Mother. I like the idea a lot!When I get more time I might like to try that.

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