Our Baby Was 40!

Christi, Christina Dee Smith, was 40-years-old on May 19. Her husband, Brian, planned a surprise birthday party for her for last Saturday. Then he sent her with a good friend to see Melissa Gilbert in Little House on the Prairie at Fair Park in Dallas.

Some of their girlfriends whipped up a wonderful fajita dinner with all the trimmings, and most of the family was present. This clip shows when she first came in the door.

The music is Tom T. Hall singing Sneaky Snake, because they is what we called her when she was little. She couldn't say Christina when she was two, so she called herself Nina, and the man who ran the day care called her, Nina...meaner than a snake. Thus, Sneaky Snake! The Nina lasted until high school when she became Christi!

She had a wonderful party!


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