Cactus Monday ~ Barrel Cactus

Barrel Cactus, Echinocactus, for my second Cactus Monday sponsored by Teri C.
They have that name for a good reason, they are shaped like a barrel with long yellow spines. They are sometimes referred to as the compass plant because to prevent sunburn they grow south. This types of cactus also produce small suckers from the base of the plant. It produces flowers late in the year after most types of cactus have already flowered.


Diane J. said…
I love cacti, and used to have quite a few of them. Over the years I've given them away or they've kicked the bucket and now I don't have any plants at all. I love 'em, but hubby won't care for them or water them if I have to be gone, so it was best to just not have any plants inside.

Hope all is well with you and yours, Sioux. ;o)


Lin said…
NEAT NEAT cactus -- and terrific job on it Sioux!! So good to see you sketching again!
PEA said…
Dear Sue,

I just read your email and NO you haven't done anything to offend me!! Omigosh, Sue, I'm so glad you contacted me because it made me realize that you weren't on my Bloglines...I redid it a couple of months ago and must have missed re-adding you. With over 120 blogs I have on there, I just never noticed you weren't there! I'm soooo sorry!! Now you have me wondering if I missed anyone else! Sheesh! Turn 50 and the memory goes! lol xoxo
Toni said…
Excellent job on this Sioux.
Like Lin said good to see you sketching.
I love barrel cactus! I don't have any anymore but I still love them
caseytoussaint said…
cactus Monday. will you all carry on while Teri's in Wisconsin?
tinker said…
Great looking cactus, Sioux - wouldn't want to meet it in a dark alley though, lol - it'd win! :)

Hope all goes well for your church.((hugs))
No Rain said…
Nice rendering of a Barrel. I have about 8 Barrels of several species. Totally carefeee!

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