Austin, Fredericksburg, and Wimberley

Today we went into Wimberley and ate the Wimberley Cafe. This was the first breakfast outside the trailer, and it was so good. I had migas. Wish our local cafes sold them, but they don't! We were shocked to learn that Nuestro Mundo, Florencia Reed's business, is no more! Then we went to Hill Country Guitars to discover Kevin Davis, the owner, wasn't in. Raf shopped, but we wanted to see Kevin. Went to Bella Vista Ranch Olive Farm, and they weren't I have to order my soap online! Boo hoo! BUT, big BUT...we got our massages at Touched by Angels. Jessie was there, but Kim has had surgery and won't be back for a while. Anyway, we feel a whole lot better now!! If you're in the area, this is a MUST!!

Here are three shots in Touched by Angels.

Yesterday we went to Fredericksburg and on to Kerrville, and Raf fished. Then we ate German food at the Lindenbaum.
Saw some beautiful irises and took these photos for Robyn. They aren't as yellow as I've seen, Robyn, but they were very pretty.

Sunday evening, we went to the home of Al and Cea Evans who host a song circle in Austin. We had a great time, as you can see!

Al is singing here.
Kelly is singing here.
Here's Wendy. Actually, this is Wendy's Song Circle at Al and Cea's house!
This is Albert Besteiro who sings solo and also in a band call Del Castillo. They are a wonderful Latin band, and Al is one heck of a musician...and an all around nice guy.
Here's Alec. He's 12 and can play like an angel!

Cea is playing here.
Mr. Besteiro came with Al. Here he is by one of Cea's sculptures. Check out the house for all her great art!
This was last Thursday at the Bistro in Johnson City...just found the photo.
Glad you came along to share our trip.

Come play PAY IT FORWARD WITH ME. I need three players to make a handmade item and then also stick in some local stuff. Check out how to play here.


Robyn said…
The irises are quite beautiful and delicate, like a pretty girl's summer dress. Thanks for thinking of me.
Mary said…
I loved the photos of all the flowers and it certainly looks like you had fun with the Singing Circle.

Nice of you to stop by my blog and leave the comment about the woman who shears the sheep and spins the wool into yarn. There is a lady not far from here that does that as well.

Naturegirl said…
Looks like a whole lot of "jammin fun" was had by all...boy my Hogie would have loved to have be there!! His kind of Fun!! hugs NG
Renie Burghardt said…
Enjoyed visiting your corner of blogland. Love the photos, especially of the irises. Mine are about to bloom. And it looks like you and your husband have had a good time singing and jammin'.

Thank you for visiting me. Hope you visit again. Have a wonderful day!

Best wishes,

Nonna said…
You have a beautiful blog! Thanks for stopping by mine!
Sue said…
Thanks for stopping by my blog! I see there are lovely flowers in TX this time of year too.

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