Pay It Forward for National Poetry Month

Pay it forward,
That's the motto here.
Pay it forward
And you'll get a cheer!

Pay it forward
With a hand made prize.
Pay it forward
With a gift that brightens eyes.

In honor of National Poetry Month (April) I am going to enter the Pay it Forward game. I did this several years ago, and I want to continue it in the way we did it then. Here are the rules from Tee's Blog, Empty Boxes:

1. Leave a comment that says you want to receive something from me and that you want to play the Pay It Forward game. (The first THREE comments only. I will contact you for your mailing address.)

2. You have to promise that after you receive a gift from me, you will post this game on your blog and continue it by sending gifts to the first three who comment on your blog.

However, I am going to add a twist. Whatever I send to you, and whatever you send on to the first three people who contact you, will be something that is HAND MADE by the sender. In addition, you must send some small items which reflect where you live. Check Tee's blog for things she received from Newfoundland, but remember, the primary item you send on, and that I send to the first three who comment here, MUST be hand made and should arrive from the sender within a month after the comments. Is that mud.

So the first three of you, be sure you leave a link so that I can contact you to get your snail mail addy. Also, if you have questions, please ASK.

So, let's PAY IT FORWARD, shall we!? And remember to read and write poetry this month!


I wish I could afford to do this it sounds fun. But I will have to pass. Huggles!
Dawn said…
Re your comment to me today: The university where I work and the school district in that city had spring break a month ago. This is the first time it has been so late in the town where I live. It had to do with the standardized testing or something. I thought they might have better weather by having it so late, but no such luck! Today was beautiful for the first time in awhile!
groovyoldlady said…
Oh my...another PIF. I did one in November and I STILL HAVEN'T SENT THE GIFTS! Aaaaaaack!

Thanks for reminding me!
Mary said…
I've am taking part in the Pay it Forward game already, so will have to pass on this one. Thanks for dropping by my blog and commenting. Very nice to meet you.

Merle said…
Hi Sioux ~~ Thanks for your comments
on my blog. Glad you liked the poem and jokes. Thanks for your kind words ~ I try to please!!
Take care, Love, Merle.

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