New Beginnings. . .I Hope!

As I sit here uploading photos to my blog, which you can see I've titled "New Beginnings...I Hope", I suddenly realized that I am emerging from a dark place that I didn't even know I was in. I guess if it's truly dark, you can tell! Anyway, I drew today for the first time in months. I just haven't wanted to. I've said to myself, well, I MUST do this or I MUST do that. I have birthdays to plan for, people to see, "things" to do. I'll do it tomorrow, next week, when I'm through with this or that. My "studio" is a wreck of stacked up "stuff" that has just been put in there to grow mold. I am wrapped up in so much...too much. For those of you who faithfully read my blog for so long and expected me to do the same in return, I have neither posted nor read and commented. I don't know exactly what I've done, and although I kept is terrible Lent, that still enters into it. I've thought I said "no" to responsibilities, but, in fact, I supposed I've said "yes" without realizing it. So, I find it so fulfilling as I emerge.

Last Saturday night we attending an art and musical evening at the Double J Hacienda and Art Ranch situated on the Brazos River west of Mineral Wells. The Double J used to be the Seybold Guest Ranch and is now owned and operated by Jimmy and Jane Baldwin. They sponsor resident artists and musical events, as Jimmy B is a fine musician, a singer/songwriter.

Thus, I came home and percolated for a while. Yesterday I quilted some, with the help of Jake, and I took some photos around our yard, and I planned to draw today. When the day dawned, it was raining, and I feared the iris would be washed away, but God is good and He knew I needed to do that drawing! It certainly is lame, but I did it, and perhaps I will again this afternoon. It was so peaceful drawing, spelling the wisteria, hearing robins and cardinals, and knowing hummingbirds are here even though there is a pine siskin still eating thistle at the feeder.

I thank Jimmy and Jane for the inspiration of the ranch and for endeavoring to make Mineral Wells sit up and take notice that there are artists and musicians in the area just waiting to be seen and heard.

I thank Father Cantrell for his Why, oh Why? post. And for the comments of so many like-minded Christians!

Anyway, I will try hard to visit blogs and to post regularly. And God bless us, every one!
Thanks to Jim and Louise for providing the beautiful irises.

Jake is helping with a "secret" quilt!

Jimmy B in the middle with Glenna Bell to the left and Nancy Apple to the right.


Kate said…
Sioux, Your drawing is just lovely, welcome back.

lila said…
I see your cat helps you with quilting too!
I love the iris you chose to paint..and being in the "flow" of painting is a wonderful, joyful thing!
I think sometimes we have to have a little shadow place in our spirit to make space for the new to start perculating!
Teri C said…
What a pleasure to see you back in the art world! Those gorgeous flowers would inspire anyone. And your painting is so lovely!
Aloha Sioux,
Welcome back!!! I adore the flowers..:)
Please could you visit my blog today, something close to your heart you might help me with?

Peace, Kai xx
Barbara said…
Hi! Sue
Nice to hear from you. Glad you have emerged from whatever it was. I see Spring really in the air with your Wisteria. Won't be out here until early summer. Beautiful cat and isn't he clever doing a quilt!
Dawn said…
I was so glad to see your comment today - we've missed you, and are glad you are back in all of the ways. It looks like you've had a wonderful day in your yard. I have a friend who has hundreds of varieties of iris - she is qutie the expert. I need to go out and take pictures of her patches.
nannykim said…
I know what you mean about taking a break from commenting etc--sometimes we just need the time away. I especially think around Easter time. Also I constantly need to evaluate what is important and how much time I should give to different things. So that is good for us to do so that we are careful to be doing what we need to be doing. (I always need some time for reading. I sometimes need time for crocheting--I am not gifted in art work--but I know what you mean). Hey, your cat looks so much like mine!!ps. you must have lots of latin food in TEX!
Pam Aries said…
Hi Sue! I a ms oglad you stopped by! I was just thinking about how all the Glitter sisters first started on Violette's site! Glad you are painting again. I stop and start all the time! Say, I know you've doe a lot of RVing...Iam driving my 77 Vw bus cross country...any tips?
Susie Q said…
Your drawing is simply lovely dear Sioux.
And you have a helper cat like *I* do!!

This was a wonderful post...thank you for that dear heart.

I hope your Spring is as sweet as yr flowers are beautiful.


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