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Orthodox Anglican Bishops

As I stated day before yesterday, we attended the 15th anniversary celebration/Evensong and reception for Bishop Jack Iker, bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth, at which time Bishop Robert Duncan, bishop of Pittsburgh, preached. It was a very positive, inspiring message and celebration of the wonderful job of shepherding Bishop Iker has done as he leads the faithful through the "valley of the shadow" and into the Light of Christ.

Yesterday, the female presiding bishop of the Episcopal Church (TEC), Kate Schorri, visited a Dallas parish to bless a garden and hold a question and answer session with those in attendance. Well, now I wasn't there, but I think this sounded like more of questioning the questioner, as on several issues she appears to have turned the question into a reply of sorts, and refuse to actually offer an opinion. If you are interested in reading more, please check the following blogs:

On top of all this, Kate decides to tell Archbishop Gregory Venables, primate of the Southern Cone, that his visit to Fort Worth will be an "unwarranted invasion". Check here for details of her letter:, and his response which says, to this effect, "Bishop Iker, I'll see you on Saturday." Saturday is when he will visit with the delegates to our annual convention.
Archbishop Gregory Venables

As you can see, the matter is becoming more heated as we approach November 2008, when the Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth will vote to leave TEC. And we will!

So, please, say a prayer for the Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth as we prayerfully make ready to join other orthodox Christians around the globe and say, "Enough". We shall be the Church Victorious, with Jesus' help!


Thank you for stopping by my blog. It is so nice to meet you.
Oh I join you in that prayer that you will be part of the Church Victorious. It is ONE CHURCH - HIS BODY and I know God is moving us all toward that realization and truth. I'm glad you and I are both part of HIS BODY!!!!
PEA said…
Hi Sue:-)

I do hope it all works out for the best and that the people of your church get what they're praying for. One thing that caught my mentioned a female bishop? I didn't realize that there were female bishops! Hope all is well with you. xoxo

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