Well, howdy there! This has been an interesting couple of days. Yesterday we went to Fort Worth because we needed stuff...books and magazines, liqour, decent food, homopathic vitamins, and to look at windows to replace the holes in our house.

Today we went back for fun, BUT we stopped back at the window place, Pella Windows, and ordered our new windows. It will take 4-6 weeks to get them in, but they will be triple paned with shades between two of the panes. They are lovely, functional, and translucent. That will lighted our room AND keep the cats from attacking the blinds!

Eddie, a friend, sent this video link to me. Mineral Wells is on the news in Oklahoma about our Famous Water. AND tomorrow night on Conan O'Brien Was (Not Was) is going to be singing their new song about Crazy Water. We're becoming FAMOUS!

Today we went back to Fort Worth. First we ordered the windows! Then we went to the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens, specifically to the Japanese Gardens, and then to the Amon Carter Museum.

I sketched several things at the gardens, and I'll post them tomorrow...when we take a day of rest before a hugely busy weekend. Stay tuned!


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