Let's Go to Luckenback, Texas, with Willie, and Waylon, and the Boys

The "Eyes of Texas" is not the state song, but rather the fight song of the University of Texas at Austin. However, they were upon us today as we traveled around the Texas Hill Country. From south of Johnson City to Blanco to Luckenbach to Medina to Kerrville to Ingram to Hunt to Mountain Home to Fredericksberg and back to Johnson City.
Here's where Willie, Waylon, and the Boys hung out before it was cool...now the ones who are alive wouldn't be caught dead here.Last bit of the rooster through the fence.
The rest of the rooster.

Last night Raf sang at the open mic at the Friendly Bistro and Bar in Johnson City. Cute, friendly little place!
Here are a couple of neat houses we saw today.
The one below is a Sunday House. I will write about Sunday Houses in my next column!
Worms in Luckenbach!


Loretta said…
I love these photos, Sioux. So nice to see sunshine and green grass and things in bloom. We're cloudy and cold here - have been for weeks!

Keep on drawing!
Great pictures! Why don't you share a bit of the warmth and sunshine? LOL!
Naturegirl said…
Could these be butterflies of pesty moths!! Looks like a good time was had in Texas! We'll be passing through on route home in three weeks..looking forward to meeting the GS in Sedona..will toast to you! hugs NG
tinker said…
Looks like a fun time to me!
Love the rooster photos, especially. You're right, Sioux - much as we may wish otherwise, we're exactly where we need to be right now. Love ya!
Diane J. said…
Hi, Sue! Long time no visit, LOL! I was glad to see your comment on my blog today, and you've made some changes since I was here. Love your new template. ;o)

Nice picture tour of the TX hill country. I've only been to Houston, Dallas/Fort Worth, and then on to Tulsa, OK. Much of that landscape looks like a lot of Arkansas.

Hope your Sunday is blessed, my friend.

Love and hugs,


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